Are you struggling to cope with unmanageable debt?

Bankruptcy may provide the answer. Attorney Ellery Plotkin is of counsel to Cacace, Tusch and Santagata, and for over 34 years he has specialized in assisting clients manage their debt, and, when appropriate pursue relief through bankruptcy. Attorney Plotkin can examine the circumstances of you or your company and help you choose the appropriate option.

Attorney Plotkin will help you weigh alternatives based on your goals and the debts that you need to overcome. Without the burden of debt you can again focus on being productive and successful rather than struggling daily to stay ahead of your financial obligations. Bankruptcy does not work for everyone, and is not suitable in all situations, but in the appropriate circumstances it can be a way to make a fresh start. Attorney Plotkin can meet with you to determine how best to provide protection from creditors.

Through the bankruptcy process, debts are often eliminated, or reduced. Our emphasis is protecting clients from the ravages of burdensome debt, and identifying the most effective ways to shield their assets. Protection can involve providing a defense against groundless claims, and seeking compromise of legitimate debts so that payment is more affordable. Attorney Plotkin can keep aggressive creditors from haunting you at home and work.

Whether the debt is personal or the obligation of your business, we provide legal advice to guide you through your difficult economic times. Financial problems can be challenging to confront. Our goal from the outset is to put you at ease. There is no reason to feel embarrassed, or to continue to shoulder the stress of financial issues alone. Attorney Plotkin will help you return the focus of your life to matters beyond your financial obligations. All consultations and representations are strictly confidential.

Are you facing foreclosure or a similarly devastating event?

It does not matter at what stage of financial difficulty you may find yourself, we can help. If you anticipate an event that will cause you financial trouble Attorney Plotkin may be able to help you plan by putting appropriate legal safeguards in place. If you are uncertain how an anticipated business or personal situation may impact you and your relationship with your creditors, schedule an appointment with Attorney Plotkin and let us help you analyze the situation and how you might prepare.

If you are facing the loss of your home because of foreclosure or eviction, call us. If the future of your business is jeopardized by debt, or business debt is threatening your personal assets we can help. If a medical situation has overwhelmed your finances we can help your family survive. If your paycheck is absorbed by credit card obligations contact Attorney Plotkin.

Don’t let debt dominate your life. Call Ellery Plotkin and let him guide you through the debt protection process best suited for your needs.

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