Is your city conducting revaluations? Take fast action for maximum tax savings.

With notice of a new municipal real estate tax assessment, owners of real estate are considering their options. Pursuing a tax adjustment?

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Reviewing an assessment? Filing an appeal?

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Make CACACE, TUSCH & SANTAGATA your source for legal advice in Fairfield County and beyond. Our experienced attorneys will assist you, step by step, in the process of Valuation.

Deadline Approaching

The decision as to whether to pursue an appeal should not be taken lightly. A thoughtful and critical analysis of whether an appeal is warranted is essential. If you wish to discuss your new assessment or evaluate the potential merits or benefits of an appeal, please call us at (203) 327-2000 and we will be happy to assist.

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By statute, the deadline for filing a written tax appeal with the Board of Assessment Appeals falls on February 20th of the year following the October 1st revaluation date. Following a revaluation, some municipalities opt to extend the deadline by several weeks. Check with your local assessor’s office or visit our blog to find out if an extension is in place for your municipality.

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